December 15 Newsletter

You can download a nicely formatted PDF version here:  201512-scskc-news

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Please keep a eye on the calendar on the club’s web-site for latest updates.  Note: We have been asked to change Sunday 13th to Saturday 12th as Mudeford Wood have their Christmas party on that Sunday.

Sat 12th Dec. Training at Mudeford Wood 11:45. NOTE DAY CHANGE!!!!
Sun 20th Dec. Training at Mudeford Wood 11:45.
Sun 27th Dec. No training – too much Christmas pud.
Sun 3rd,10th,17th,31st Jan. Training at Mudeford Wood 11:45.
Sun 10th Jan. Free SSKA instructors course in Swindon.

Fri 5th – Sun 7th Feb: Winter Camp, Bournemouth. Includes a free beginners course Fri 4:30pm – please promote this to friends!

Kime” (focus)?

What does the instructor mean when he asked for “more kime”. There is some debate on this subject, kime derives from “kimeru” which could literally mean “to decide” or “to conclude”. Generally in a technique this means a tensing of your muscles (snap) at the moment of impact/end of technique whist relaxing before and after the technique – you do not have speed and agility when tensed! So we could say, for each technique (a) relax (b) execute proper technique with accelerating power (c) tense/focus/conclude quickly (d) relax.

Attendance: As a matter of respect to your fellow karate-ka and the instructor please try not to be late to classes. If you cannot attend at all one week, please text/email me before the lesson as I often prepare a lesson plan to ensure that you cover all the aspects of karate upon which you will be examined at your next grading.

Late attendees will now present a kata of the instructors choice to the rest of the class!

Club Members I will be promoting the club through the New Year to increase membership. More members can mean cheaper lessons for you as the hall hire costs are spread across the number of members; if this goes well there will possibly be more training sessions in the week too.

Please also like/share the club website and also our facebook page:

There will also be a free beginners course on the end of the first day of the Winter Camp – please promote this to friends and family as they will be able to get a taste of Shotokan and learn the basics from the senior association instructors.

Training Days Whilst we currently train on a Sunday late morning, I am quite happy to change the time/day if this better suits members. Let me know!

Unless the hall is booked immediately after the class I am happy to go through any aspects of your syllabus after the main class – just ask!

Association Correspondence

I can normally deal with gradings/license correspondence on Wednesdays when I train at the main Swindon dojo or alternatively see me for the office postal address.

Questions on grading or licenses can be sent to or phone Sensei Cailey Witcher on 07999 967388

Remember that licenses should be up-to-date as this allows you to grade and also covers you with insurance.

Association web site:


Please make sure I have a mobile and email for you to ensure I can keep you up-to-date with events!

Phone: 01202 912160
Mob: 07939 010528

web: (check the online calendar for latest training dates)

Dojo Kun (dojo code)

(1) Each person must strive for the completion and perfection of one’s character 一、人格 完成に 努める ことhitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomeru koto

(2) Each person must be faithful and protect the way of truth (sincerity) 一、誠の道を守ること hitotsu, makoto no michi wo mamoru koto

(3)Each person must endeavour (fostering the spirit of effort/perseverance) 一、努力の精神を養うこと hitotsu, doryoku no seishin wo yashinau koto

(4)Each person must respect others and the rules of etiquette 一、礼儀を重んずること hitotsu, reigi wo omonzuru koto

(5)Each person must refrain from impetuous & violent behaviour 一、血気の勇を戒むること hitotsu, kekki no yū wo imashimuru koto

Thank you for your continued support – train hard, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Sensei Smith

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