Black/Brown belt course 13th October

Black/Brown belt training – 13th Oct Swindon

If enough of us are interested (you should be – you need these courses before you can apply for your shodan grading) then I will cancel the Mudeford session on Sunday 13th and run the wagon up to Swindon (Dorcan Centre) for this course.  If you want a lift please let me know so I can arrange pick ups.  We will have to leave the area around 8am to get there, changed, registered and ready to go for the 10am kick off.

Training will be 10-12am and the gradings start at around 12:30.  It will be instructive to stay and watch some of the gradings so that you know what to expect.

Text me ( 07939 010528) or email here to let me know.


Sun 13
Black Belt Grading at Dorcan Recreation Centre, Swindon
Arrive at 9.00am for a lesson 10.00am-12.00 noon.

Junior & Senior training for Black/Brown belts only. Grading starts approx. 12.30pm in the Main Hall with Chief Instructor of the SSKA

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