Diagrams for the Shotokan Kata may be found below (please check with your association examiners as there may be subtle differences in technique).

1Heian Shodan Peaceful Mind One21
Kata Video – Kanazawa
2Heian Nidan Peaceful Mind Two26
3Heian Sandan Peaceful Mind Three20
4Heian Yondan Peaceful Mind Four27
5Heian Godan Peaceful Mind Five23
6Tekki Shodan Iron Horse One23
7Tekki Nidan Iron Horse Two24
8Tekki Sandan Iron Horse Three26
9Bassai Dai Storm the Fortress – Big42
10Bassai Sho Storm the Fortress – Small27
11Kanku Dai To view the Sky – Big65
12Kanku Sho To view the Sky – Small48
13Enpi Flying Swallow37
14Jion Love (and) Goodness47
15Gankaku Crane on the Rock42
16Hangetsu Half Moon41
17Jitte Ten Hands24
18Chinte Strange Hands32
19Sochin Preserve Peace41
20Meikyo Mirror of the soul33
21Jiin Named after the Saint38
22Gojushiho Dai 54 Steps – Big67
23Gojushiho Sho 54 Steps – Small65
24Nijushiho 24 Steps24
25Wankan Crown of a king24
26Unsu Cloud Hands48

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